India is one of the world’s largest producers of fruits and vegetables, with a rich variety of produce grown across the country. However, exporting perishable fruits and vegetables from India can be a challenging task due to various factors such as Sourcing ,transportation, storage, and handling.

1.Importance of Product Sourcing in Exports

Product sourcing is a critical aspect of exports as it ensures that exporters have access to high-quality products at competitive prices. By sourcing products from reliable suppliers, exporters can ensure that they meet the demands of their customers and maintain their reputation in the international market. Effective product sourcing also helps exporters to manage their supply chain efficiently, reduce costs, and increase profitability. Therefore, it is essential for exporters to prioritize product sourcing as a key factor in their export strategy.


To begin with, transportation plays a crucial role in the export of perishable goods. The produce must be transported quickly to ensure that it arrives at its destination in good condition. This means that the transportation system must be efficient and reliable, with proper refrigeration facilities to maintain the freshness of the produce.

3.Specific Storage Condition

Another challenge is storage. Perishable fruits and vegetables require specific storage conditions to maintain their quality and freshness. This includes maintaining the right temperature, humidity, and ventilation. Therefore, proper storage facilities must be in place to ensure that the produce remains fresh during the transportation process.

4.Material Handling

Handling is also an important factor to consider when exporting perishable goods. The produce must be handled with care to avoid damage or bruising. This includes careful loading and unloading of the produce, as well as proper packaging to prevent damage during transportation.

Challenges can be managed

Despite these challenges, India has been successful in exporting perishable fruits and vegetables to various countries worldwide. The government has taken several initiatives to improve infrastructure and facilities for the transportation and storage of perishable goods. Additionally, private players have also invested in improving their supply chain and logistics to ensure the timely and efficient delivery of produce.

India – UAE  trade Relationship in the field of perishable fruits and vegetables

India’s exporters have established strong connections with the UAE, particularly in the field of perishable fruits and vegetables. The UAE is one of the largest importers of such products, and Indian exporters have been able to capitalize on this demand by providing high-quality produce that meets the specific requirements of their UAE-based customers. This close relationship between Indian exporters and the UAE has helped to strengthen trade ties between the two countries and has been a key factor in India’s continued success in the global market.

Top 20 Vegetables List Exported to Dubai from India

1.            Onions

2.            Tomatoes

3.            Potatoes

4.            Green Chillies

5.            Carrots

6.            Cucumbers

7.            Eggplants

8.            Cauliflowers

9.            Cabbages

10.          Okra

11.          Green Peas

12.          Bell Peppers

13.          Radishes

14.          Spinach

15.          Lettuce

16.          Broccoli

17.          Mushrooms

18.          Garlic

19.          Ginger

20.          Sweet Potatoes

Top 20 Fruits Exported to Dubai From India

1.            Mangoes

2.            Bananas

3.            Pomegranates

4.            Oranges

5.            Grapes

6.            Pineapples

7.            Apples

8.            Guavas

9.            Papayas

10.          Watermelons

11.          Muskmelons

12.          Lemons

13.          Kiwis

14.          Dates

15.          Persimmons

16.          Custard apples

17.          Sapotas

18.          Lychees

19.          Jackfruits

20.          Dragon fruitsIn conclusion, exporting perishable fruits and vegetables from India is a complex process that requires proper Sourcing , Transportation, Storage, and Handling. However, with the right infrastructure and facilities in place, MPS group has proven that it can successfully give end – to – end solution to export its rich variety of produce to countries worldwide.